Extreme High Quality
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Very In-Depth: 20 DVDs, 5 CDs & Book
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Expensive but well worth it!
Training Program
Computer-based lessons only
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No DVDs or CDs
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Best low cost, computer based courses
Computer-based lessons only
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No Video at all
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Pretty Good for Casual Students
Computer-based lessons only
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No Video at all
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Great Music Theory
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Learn & Master Guitar is the Best of guitar training products available! It has 20
DVD’s, 5 Jam-Along CD’s and a well illustrated Book. If you are serious about really
learning guitar then the cost is definetly worth it!. The wesite, video production to the
professional players in the Jam Along CDs are all of the BEST QUALITY!
You can train in a variety of musical genres that take you from beginner through very
advanced instruction. The lessons are clear and easy to follow and understand. The Jam
Along CDs are great to play along with while learning fun. The other course don’t offer this
What is really awesome is the they offer free support after you make your purchase via a
members only website you can chat with other students, talk about your progress and
ask questions to the author Steve Krenz. I thought this was very helpful!
Summary: Learn & Master Guitar is the Best Guitar Training Course out there! It is
much more in depth that the online courses. If you are serious about really learning the
guitar, it’s definetly worth the money.
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Search the internet for “learn guitar programs” and it’s overwhelming trying to sort through the programs avaiable! Most
are worthless anyway which you wouldn’t know until you have orderd them. I have reviewed and picked two top programs
so you don’t waste your time and money! If you can afford Learn & Master Guitar, it’s by far the best program I have seen
anywhere. Jamorama is also great for taking lessons in front of your computer.
Jamorama is the Best of the low-cost, software based guitar instruction courses. You do
have to pratice your lessons in front of your computer because it’s software based (no
DVD’s or CD’s). However the lessons are easy to follow and are quite extensive.
It’s easy to purchase Jamorma from anywhere on the planet because the lessons are downloadable.
Some people find it inconvenient to practice in front of a computer everyday. It does come with some
video clips which many other computer based courses do not.
Summary:  If you can’t afford Learn & Master Guitar and you won’t mind taking lessons in front of a
computer, Jamorama is a good way to go. It’s the Best of the software based instruction courses.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking the Guitar is my next best choice. Like Jamorama, it’s
downloadable and computer based training. It’s not nearly as extensive as our other top choices
but it does take a novel approach to learning guitar. Of course it does not have video, just audio
lessons with photos which I don’t think to be as effective. If you have trouble learning more
traditional methods and want to learn a few songs fast, The Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking the
Guitar may be for you.
Summary: It’s not as extensive as my top two picks because of the fact that is does not have
video instruction but my first impressions of The Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking the Guitar are
pretty good. It seems most beginners would do pretty well with this guitar training instruction.
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The creator of Guitar Tutor Pro claims he made this course in response to the other online courses that
contain theoretical errors. He claims the easy way most programs teach is not the correct method. For
casual students this may not be a big problem. You get three e-books and the lessons are given in audio
files with pictures. Once again this is a computer based program that doesn’t contain video. You have to
practice your lessons while sitting in front of your computer.
Summary: A good course if you want to learn about music theory while learning to play the guitar. The
only downside is there is no video instruction.
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