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Best low cost, computer based courses
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Search the internet for “learn guitar programs” and it’s overwhelming trying to sort through the programs avaiable! Most
are worthless anyway which you wouldn’t know until you have orderd them. I have reviewed and picked two top programs so
you don’t waste your time and money! If you can afford Learn & Master Guitar, it’s by far the best program I have seen
anywhere. Jamorama is also great for taking lessons in front of your computer.
Buyer’s Reviews
Rating: 5 stars
Comments: This is the same course that I purchased a while back but just more of it.
They have expanded Learn & Master Guitar, there is a lot more music and exercises,
DVDs and jam tracks to practice with.  This is a great course and a great program! I
recommend it thoroughly!
Michael, NY, NY   1/09
Rating: 5 stars
Comments: For the price of four and half lessons in Chicago I get 20 dvd's and what is a
great course in Learn & Master Guitar. I know it's hard work and it requires daily
dedication. The play along feature is what sold me. You can't truly learn any instrument
without learning music theory and how to read music. I've been looking for a
comprehensive ""no shortcuts"" course like this for a long time. Thank You!
Jim, Fort Wayne, IN    1/09
Rating: 5 stars
Comments: "I'm only part way through the course, but this is the real deal. Learn &
Master Guitar. I've tried other courses and methods and this is way better than anything
else I've seen.  Like anything else, you've got to commit some time and work.  But you'll
save yourself a lot of time and money if spend a couple of extra bucks up front with this
Dave, Glenview, Oregon    12/08
Rating: 5 stars
Comments: “Almost all the way through this course and it is fantastic!  I've taken private lessons in the past, but never really
understood the music that I was playing until now.  Steve from Learn & Master Guitar is a great teacher and having him in the
forum discussion area to answer questions is worth the cost of the course."  
Karyl, Oakland, CA    1/09
Rating: 4 stars
Comments: "I am between sessions 3 & 4. I took Steve's advice to use a metronome. If anyone can help me learn to play
guitar, Steve's lessons, tips, play-along-cd's are the ticket. I am great at 45bpm! Chord changes are a big challenge. It requires
practice and dedication but Steve is a wonderful motivator just talking to the camera. It's like he's talking to me."    Learn &
JoAnne, Tucson, AZ   2/08
Rating: 5 stars
Comments: Jamorama is the place to go for the beginner with little money to spend.  I found the
lessons to be simple and easy to follow. The course includes a basic introduction to music theory,
chord theory, both are essential elements of the beginning guitarist's learning experience. The
Jam tracks give the student some practical experience playing along with recordings made by
actual band members. For very little money, the guitar student can get a firm foundation, upon
which he can develop technique and personal style."  
Billy Ray,  Miami, Florida   3/09
Rating: 4 stars
Comments: "I had no problem with the Jamorama course but it won't turn you into Jimi Hendrix! What it will do is give the
beginner an easy to follow, well produced course with videos and diagrams each step along the way. My advice? Download it! If
you have just started playing it will save you a fortune in expensive lessons"
Barbara,  London, England 2/09
Rating: 4 stars
Comments: “This is best way to get started! This course is going to give you an excellent foundation.
After you get your feet you're on your own, play with friends better than you, look up tabs, try playing by
ear. "
James, San Francisco, CA 4/09
Rating: 4 stars
Comments: Unlocking the Guitar assumes you know nothings and guides you through understanding
the instrument plus basic playing techniques. A new beginner usually has no idea where to get started.
Unlocking the Guitar teaches you to be patient and make slow steady progress. Also teaches you how to
place your hands and shoulders, proper way to hold the guitar and a comfortable way to hold the guitar. It uses simple but
poplular songs to start playing basic cords, you feel like your progress at a reasonable pace and is very enjoyable too!”
Martin, Chicago, IL  12/08
Rating: 4 stars
Comments: “After looking over your site my son Michael pleaded with me to buy the Guitar Tutor Pro. For the last few weeks he has
been spending hours each and every day practicing. He has definately improved since he started the course. He told me he
can’t wait for the next course on the lead guitar!
Treveor, Atlanta, GA
Rating: 4 stars
Comments: "I thought I was a decent guitarist before I took the course Guitar Tutor Pro with you, how wrong I was. I have
learned so much from the books it's unbelievable. I really loved all the detail you went to to explain things so everything
made sense. I look forward to your next course!"
Anna, USA
Guitar Instructor Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Instructor
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